Rosarito tourism leaves 20 bp spill

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Since beginning the Easter holiday period has seen a 80 percent hotel occupancy in Playas de Rosarito , making an economic impact of 20 million pesos, the delegate of tourism in this county, Gustavo Torres.

He explained that according to the trend estimate finish the weekend with an occupancy of 95 percent rather than 100, because some hotels did not consider the number of people who could come and have enabled all rooms.

"The perception has improved a lot but still have not eradicated that perception, I still believe that at least six in 10 Californians who are our main neighbors , they still have a bit of ' miedito ' coming here ... slowly . As you see there are lots and lots Anglo Mexican American who comes and goes and all these people tell them it's not true that we are not like Iraq or Afghanistan where kidnap and kill people, "he said.

Torres said that about six in 10 tourists to vacation to the beaches of Rosarito are U.S. residents , mostly Mexicans living in that country.

The businessman also said that according to the figures for the same period last year vacacionesdel , this 2014 was an increase of 30 percent.

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