What is Happening in Mexico? A global call for freedom #EPNvsInternet

This is a collective action of civil organizations and Mexican and foreign activists. His goal? Reverse Telecommunications Act proposal sent by the Mexican Federal Government. Why? Because, according to experts and analysts, attempts to bring the Internet to a greater political control, independent media disappear and give more power to the existing information monopolies. "Experts, organizations and digital rights activists have they agreed that such attentive initiative against freedom of expression on the Internet and represents a decline in the security of digital rights", announced in a statement signed by organizations and Internet activists.
This action will be joined by others in the next few days. Day 22 will be a demonstration and 26 a human chain was planned from the presidential residence of Los Pinos to the facilities of Televisa Chapultepec, "to show they are against this law that violates our human and civil rights," according to the notice published in the # ContraelSilencioMx page.

The Collective Internet Free for All proposed inclusion in secondary Telecommunications Act "network neutrality, white spaces are released, an opening of the market is granted and internet service reaches all Mexicans." This claim and others have been submitted to Congress to be taken into account during the discussions to come. But organizations say there is no guarantee that are included; opposite.
"Everyone has the right to express ourselves freely, therefore, network neutrality is an important factor, as this will ensure us a free access, without interference, censorship or discrimination of users, providers, creators and / or content," explained .
The goal of today, from 10:00 am, "is to have 5000 tweets the first 20 minutes together, they may be more and every tweet can help convince others to organize more marches and the fight continued and spread ".

"We began to publish massively # EPNvsInternet" they said in a statement. "Why not use again # ContraElSilencioMX? peñabots because it flooded with spam for not Trending Topic, the hahstag must be new and never used before. "
Previously, organizations had used the tag # ContraElSilencioMX. Their goal was the same: to protest against the proposed law.

"From 10:00 to 10:20 am program or tweeting as fast as you can # EPNvsInternet and includes photos, videos, data, questions, or repetitive posts mentioning put many people because that is spam and will not do, you time now to think about what they put in your first 300 posts "recommended.
"From 10:20 and all day tweeting May long as possible, in waves every hour or once you do it and the others TT alone catching the storm will be born."

They have also recommended to send messages through social networks, with some of the claims against the initiative: "Mexico with more than 80 million poor is the most unequal country in the world. They want to censor the net for # EPNvsInternet not know, "says one of them. Others say: "Mexico is at war, every day dozens of people die. The media does not report. Now they will block the network to hide the information. Mexico is the country where journalists are killed. Where there are more spy networks. Now they censor the net to hide # EPNvsInternet. "

Two more examples: "Peña Nieto and Televisa try to block internet and end free media not to hear another voice. Track Flag # EPNvsInternet "and" April 22 thousands of Mexicans protest against Internet censorship, it may be the last time I can do # EPNvsInternet ".

In addition, a panel of Jacobo Nájera, Daniel Gershenson, Diego Hernandez, Jesus Robles Maloof and Oscar Mondragon will present a petition signed by leading international figures and organizations world digital rights letter. "The letter is addressed to the Congress of Mexico on the occasion of the forthcoming discussion of the Telecommunications bill given by the Federal Executive."

Also a communication addressed to the Rapporteurs on Freedom of Expression of the OAS and the UN published.

Video in YouTube of ...What is Happening in Mexico? A global call for freedom #EPNvsInternet:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8El2QlwbMZM&safe=active

extracted news: http://pulsoslp.com.mx/2014/04/21/contraelsilenciomx-y-epnvsinternet-invaden-las-redes-en-protesta-a-ley-de-telecom/


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