I see a Mexico with hunger and thirst of justice: Colosio

Aburto  killed Colosio said Agustin Perez living witness
• Many people have been investigated, says deputy in Tijuana
• He served the town from different positions
• Luis Donaldo Colosio was a reformer man
• His friends still missing: Manlio
• Colosio sought the welfare of Mexicans
• The day marked a turning point in the political

On the morning of March 6, 1994, at the esplanade of the Monument to the Revolution, Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta declared: "Mexico does not want political adventures do not want Mexico Mexico bungee jumping kicks do not want to schemes that were in power.. . proved ineffective Mexico wants democracy but rejects her perversion demagoguery. "

It was the 65th anniversary of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). All the Staff of the national PRI was present. The message was long but straightforward. "I see a Mexico with hunger and thirst of justice. A Mexico of people injured by the distortions imposed by the law which should be serving. Of women and men afflicted by abuse of authority or by the arrogance of government offices ".

He said: "I see a convinced that this is the hour of the responses, a Mexico that Mexico requires solutions we face problems we can overcome."

Also stated: "As a party of stability and social justice, we are ashamed to note that we were not sensitive to the large claims of our communities, we were not beside them in their aspirations, we were not up to the commitment they expected of us. we have to take this criticism and we have to break with the practices that made us a rigid organization. we have to overcome attitudes that undermine our capacity for innovation and change. [...] Let's start by affirming our identity, our militant pride and affirm our independence from government. "

Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta proposed to head a government to respond to the Mexicans, "the change in the direction and responsibility can not wait."

Under intense heat. The presidential candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary made ​​it clear it was time to reform the power to "build a new balance in the life of the Republic, it is the hour of the power of the citizen."

"It's time for democracy in Mexico, it's time for the good administration of justice, the great instrument to combat chiefdom, to combat the temples of power and neglect of our communities."

And went further: "It's time to block his path to influyentismo, corruption and impunity."

Luis Donaldo Colosio said it was time for the nation, but especially to do strong Mexico , "it is time to reaffirm the values that unite us.'s Time for a change with insurance to ensure peace and quiet way."

Given the different sectors of the PRI, the champion tricolor stated that the only continuity that the proposed change was the responsibility that no area of national life will not forget.

"Today it is clear that changes can not be marginalized or isolated.'s Road to change runs in the same direction and at the same intensity and urgency to the field of politics, the field of economics and social welfare," he said.

He also undertook a political leadership to confidence; responsible political leadership to bring about the changes that were required and thus "to close off all destabilizing intent, provocation crisis of confrontation."

The presidential candidate also said that the best argument to ensure the change was to summon the confidence of Mexicans, to ensure peace and strengthen unity, especially because "we want a united Mexico, we want a strong Mexico, we want a Mexico sovereign. a Mexico of freedoms and Mexico with peace, because they are broad channels of democracy and justice. "

* The PRI recognizes the achievements, but also knows the shortcomings

The Institutional Revolutionary Party candidate for President of the Republic in 1994 said that morning of March 6 that his party recognized the achievements, but also "knows the shortcomings, and outstanding issues." 

In his pronounced in the square of the Monument to the Revolution message, Colosio Murrieta said the PRI recognizes that economic modernization only makes real sense when translated into improved welfare for Mexican families

He said his party is heir to the Mexican Revolution and the PRI prevented "Mexico fall into a vicious circle of brothers many Latin American countries, who lost decades between anarchy and dictatorship." 

"The stability, internal peace, economic growth and social mobility, are goods that would have been unimaginable without the PRI, but our heritage should be a source of demand, not complacency or inaction. Authoritarian parties only intended to found his legitimacy in their heritage. democratic parties earn it every day. "

* Long live Mexico, the last sentence

It was Wednesday, it was March 23, 1994, and that it was the last day of his life.

After a rally in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party for President of the Republic, arrived at 4 pm local time, the Tijuana airport and half an hour later went to the colony Bullfighting Hills, where at 4:35 the place to be his last political act.

The colonists said that their "purpose is to lead a government that is closer to the people, where the popular initiative is the cornerstone for the advancement and social progress."

In the popular assembly of the citizens popular areas of Tijuana said: "I want to lead a government that is responsive to the claims and demands of communities, neighborhoods, popular colonies. I know the challenges they face in these. class neighborhoods ".

He stressed the importance of unity, about what he said that "joint effort with the sum of wills, there is no obstacle we can not overcome."

In his speech remarked: "I know what it means to live and carry out the daily work of all of you in the factory, in construction, in the taxi on the job each and every one of you have (...) but I know also that what you want is a government that promotes an economy that serves the people, to promote an economy that invests more in people, invest more in education so that our children and young people are better prepared for competition (.. .) especially (who) receive an education to continue providing them the values ​​that identify us as proudly Mexican. "

"A government-responsible-expressed is one that serves all without distinction of political parties. A responsible government is one that is close to the people. A responsible government is listening and answers the popular demands."

So, near the end of his speech he said that "we will not fear competition policy. What we reject is the political incompetence."
His last words: Long live Mexico, one of the most emblematic expressions among Mexicans, charged with nationalism, but also of popular culture, which could not pronounce never again, for just a few minutes later, at 5!: 24:00, while walking through the crowd, received two gunshots and fire, one in the head and in the abdomen. 

Just a few minutes later, at 5:20, entered the emergency room of the General Hospital of Tijuana to undergo surgery, however, the effort was not enough, to the extent that at 18:55 suffered a cardiac arrest and irreversible despite efforts to revive him, the doctors declared him dead at 7:45 local time.

Video of assassination: Asesinato de Luis Donaldo Colosio:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Nc2pCE1bc&safe=active

Video of speech of 6 March of 1994: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVWiMjErc-o&safe=active

By: Carlos Lara / El Sol de México http://www.inforito.com/2014/04/veo-un-mexico-con-hambre-y-sed-de.html


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